Tattoo Statistics Australia – Who has tattoos?

Tattoo Statistics Australia – What has changed in the tattoo industry? What are the most popular types of tattoos in Australia?

How many Australian females are now inked? How old are Aussies when they get their first tattoo?

Tattoo Statistics Australia

1 in 5 or 19% of all Australians have at least one tattoo.
For women it’s almost 1 in 4 with 24% having at least one piece of ink.

In the past tattoos were just for the young and the rebellious. This is no longer the case with over a third (36%) of people getting their first tattoo at 26 or older. @0% will get their first in their mid 30’s or older.

How many?

Just over half (52%) of the people with tattoos in Australia have more than one tattoo.

The trends change from year to year as different types fall in and out of vogue.

Not without regrets

You may have loved the spice girls back in the 90’s but you are probably regretting your choice to get that baby spice tattoo now that you are a bit older.

More than 1 in 4 (27%) of Australians say they regret getting one.
While 15% have commenced or have looked into getting their regretted tattoos removed.

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Tattoos in Australia 2016 Facts & Statistics

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