Swimming Safety For Kids – Things Every Parent Must Know (Infographic)

Everyone loves playing in the water, especially kids. These little buddies love splashing in the water and will stay in there if given a chance. Playing in the water may seem fun, but is equally dangerous. Water, no matter low calm it looks, can be fatal. A few inches of water is enough to drown even an adult, let alone be a kid. While an adult may try to jump or scream, a kid doesn’t have that option. So, the risk of a kid drowning is way higher than adults.

According to recent studies, drowning is among the leading cause of unintentional injury and also the second biggest cause for most toddlers’ death (after birth defects). Therefore, swimming safety for kids is crucial. You, as a parent, do everything to ensure that your boi is safe. You do close supervision, hold them in the water, and more.

But are they 100% safe? No!

That means risk is still there, and you must avoid the misfortune from happening. For that, you need to have proper information about water safety, especially for kids. That’s where this infographic comes in handy. It has all the essential data and information needed that will help you learn more about water safety.

Swimming Safety For Kids

Firstly, you’ll know the facts that will reason why you need water safety. All the facts are related to drowning and how it affects kids, especially toddlers. Once you have known about the facts, you can move on to the next section.

In there, you will know the factors for drowning. People think that drowning occurs only because you aren’t supervising the kid. Well, that is among the big reason, but there are a lot of others that you need to know.

Without the proper knowledge, you are just risking your kid’s safety; therefore, this is an important section to read and understand some of the factors of drowning. Once you know the reasons, you have to repair them to ensure a water accident doesn’t happen at your house. So, the next section talks about How to prevent drowning.

This is the biggest section and has more points than the other two combined. Just read them and make sure you are following them. Each point covered means you are lessening the chances of mishap. By doing so, you ensure your boi have great childhood memories filled with fun and enjoyment and not some water trauma. Remember, more than 50% of kids saved from drowning have some physical/mental problems in the future, so it’s better to avoid them.

Only let your baby go in there while you are closely supervising, wear them a life jacket, and have close supervision.

Swimming Safety For Kids - Things Every Parent Must Know

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