History of Homeschooling – Homeschooling 101

Learn about the history of homeschooling. Learn about how it all started. Furthermore, find out what the common reasons for homeschooling are and also what are the current trends for homeschooling.

What do the numbers have to say about the history of homeschooling. Also learn about the pros and cons, different methods and some of the common social activities that homeschoolers can perform.

History of Homeschooling

This ‘History of Homeschooling’ infographic should give you all the necessary and fundamental information about homeschooling. Thus, for all the parents considering to homeschool their children, this infographic would be a good place to start.

The first homeschooling student was Alexander the Great (350 BC). In the 18th and 19th century homeschoolers were mostly learning life skills.

Homeschool Choices: Which Method Should You Choose

Parents can choose to do everything themselves or having some assistance from teachers. Either in person of online. They can buy or borrow old textbooks or buy premade homeschooling packages.

For example, the families that use old textbooks and do everything themselves have to put in extra work but it allows them to customize every lesson. Those how bought premade homeschooling packages need a lot lees preparation but lessons are not customized.

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Homeschooling 101 - History of Homeschooling

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