How to Clean Stove Glass

This infographic from Me and My Glass explains the cleaning method used when removing dirt, grime and soot from the glass on a log wood burner stove. Log burning stoves have become externally popular over the last couple of years.

They are a product that is in demand. Majority of cottages feature a stove but now houses closer to the cities are buying. When people purchase and start using their log burner they may notice that dirt is appearing on the glass door.

Over a period of time, all types of dirt from soot particles get on the glass panel. Not cleaning this panel for a number of months can lead to black soot covering the whole of glass. This will result in not seeing the flames from the logwood burner whilst on. Seeing the flames through the door adds to the ambience of a log burner. Without seeing the flames on a winter’s day makes the experience less cosy.

So with this in mind, Me and My Glass have created an easy to follow infographic that clearly shows the process for cleaning stove glass. Follow the 5 steps and you will have a sparkling piece of glass.

The first part of the infographic informs you that the log burner can’t be hot. There are a number of reasons why but the main reason is that if you attempt to clean a hot stove you may actually burn yourself, which wouldn’t be nice at all. Other things to consider when cleaning the glass panel is deciding on the right type of cleaning product to use on the glass.

There is a range of products on the market that are specialised in cleaning wood burner glass. The glass used on wood burners is ceramic glass and this is heat resistant. As this is a special type of glass it requires a special type of cleaning product.

How to Clean Stove Glass

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