How To Find Out If Someone Has A Will

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult. When there are legal questions concerned the estate of the deceased, it can often be overwhelming.

How do you find out if someone has a will? The legal team at Heban, Murphee & Lewandowski has created an infographic to help people easily locate a will and provide needed answers to questions.

The first step to locating a will would be to check with family and friends. If they are unaware of a will, the next best option would be the deceased’s attorney. Finally, if all else fails, scan the deceased’s home, as well as safety deposit boxes.

If you still cannot find the will, file a document entitling you to be notified when someone tries to open the decedent’s estate. By doing so, no will can be admitted to probate until you have been notified and allowed to object.

After you have exhausted the aforementioned options, and you are still having difficulty locating a will of a deceased person, you may just need to wait patiently. There is also a change the deceased used an attorney you are unfamiliar with, and they will be likely reaching out to you soon.

It is also important to note that wills are not public record. Only after they are filed with the court do they become public record.

The best way to find out if someone has a will is to ask them before passing on. Ask them where it’s kept, what attorneys assisted with it, and any other information the living person may deem relevant.

If you need legal assistance in finding a will, it is recommended to work with an experienced probate attorney. Probate attorneys tend to have more experience in dealing with wills, trusts, and estates, which should greatly assist in your mission.

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How To Find Out If Someone Has A Will - Infographic

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