How to Pick Out Perfectly Ripe Vegetables and Fruits

When you’re at a grocery store or at the farmers market, it can often be easy to tell if some fruits or vegetables are bad, but it can be much more difficult with others. For example, it will be much simpler to tell if mushrooms have gone bad in comparison to avocados. So, how do you know which fruits and vegetables are the best to pick on your next trip out for groceries? From the team at How to Cook comes this very helpful infographic which offers several valuable tips on how to pick out perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables at the store or farmers market. With these tips, your grocery shopping trips will certainly become tastier and more stress-free.

Each fruit and vegetable featured on this infographic gives great detail on what you’re looking for when buying at the store or farmers market, including with watermelons. Watermelons are yet another fruit that require some inspection, and you won’t find cuts, bruises and dents all over a perfect watermelon. As this guide from How to Cook indicates, you’re going to want to pick the watermelon up, and if it seems heavier than it appears for its size, then it should definitely be ripe, juicy and very tasty. Also with watermelons, if you turn it over and find a creamy yellow spot, this isn’t a bad thing. The yellow spot on the watermelon simply means that the watermelon itself was resting prior to being harvested. With a large yellow spot on the watermelon, it means that the watermelon was ripening on the vine for a bit longer, which ultimately means that it will have more sweetness.

This helpful guide offers so many helpful tips, whether it be with watermelons, pineapples, apples, avocados, bananas, broccoli, and so many more great, tasty and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

How to Pick Out Perfectly Ripe Vegetables and Fruits Infographic

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