Money Lost Through the Window

Owning a home is no cheap venture, but it’s one that many will embark on in their lives. The sense of pride, freedom of customization, they’re powerful forces for any homeowner. What many homeowners don’t anticipate is the many ways in which the bills can rack up. The mortgage, electric, water, heating, it seems they only build and build with time. 

One area that money can be funneled out without even realizing is through the windows. Every house has them, but not every house has one’s that are suited to the home. This can mean many things. A home in a hot climate without a window coating to keep the heat out, that’s inefficient. A set of windows filled with cracks, drafts, and mold. These things create issues that only grow over time.

Poor window insulation leads to hundreds of dollars lost every year for the average American. Up to 30% of a home’s air escapes through the windows. Luckily, there are lots of things one can do to stop this process. These solutions all come in the form of installation. A bad installation can cause problems before the window even ages. A good installation, especially with the right parts, can save thousands over the years. 

A very large part of what makes an installation good is its parts. Window frames, wooden, aluminum, vinyl, each serves a different purpose. Installing the right one for the right home is essential both aesthetically and monetarily. Glass panes are also an essential detail. While many windows are single pane, windows that are double or even triple paned are also popular. Today triple pane windows are much more efficient, but this comes at a financial cost.

In a similar vein, the more efficient window gas fills are quite expensive. Keeping the heat in and energy saved tends to be expensive. This puts homeowners in a predicament. Pay for the window or pay for the heat and cooling it will lose. There’s no real right answer, but one thing is clear. Windows can make or break the bank. Picking and maintaining the right window is complex, but ultimately essential. 

Learn more about window replacement cost in the infographic below:

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