The Evolution of Resume Styles – Is It Time to Modernize Yours?

Resume styles and trends have changed dramatically over the past quarter-century. Has your resume kept up? Or does it still look like the resumes of yesteryear? Learn more about the evolution of resumes in this infographic. We have reached the tipping point, and colorful, eye-catching resumes with infographic elements are becoming the norm.

We’ve all heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Whether we like it or not, appearance counts. In other words attractive packaging helps sell. In many ways, you can think of a resume as the packaging that advertises you. An eye-catching resume will always promote you more effectively.

Do you remember the days of typewritten resumes? Even if that was before your time, you have probably learned outdated techniques for creating a résumé that are a throwback to those typewritten resumes. This leaves your resume looking old-fashioned and generic.

Modern resumes styles and resume templates

Plain, basic, black-and-white basic text resumes just don’t cut it anymore. Modern resumes styles use color, graphics, and strategic design to turn them into attention-getting personal marketing documents. Most people don’t have the skills to create a resume like this for themselves. Modern resume templates can make the process of creating a resume fairly easy.

Almost all of us are dealing with information overload. We are constantly and continuously bombarded with information. A dense, boring-to-look-at resume on the desk of a hiring manager just adds to this overload. Using strategic design, color, and select images can have a stunningly positive effect. Not only seizing the attention of the reader but keeping it while helping the reader to pick out key information with no more than a glance.

The right color and infographic elements help create an eye-catching resume. As a result you get the attention of hiring managers. They will help you convey key information quickly, and ultimately, will help you to create a more positive first impression. It is time to modernize your resume and transform it into an eye-catching, results-getting personal marketing document.


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