U.S. States With the Most Drivers

Turning 16 is an exciting rite of passage in any young person’s life. It means a new freedom for those who want a driver’s license.

I remember when I had my learners permit and the first time I was allowed to drive my mom’s car on my own. I remember I had to be off the road by 8pm at night and couldn’t ride with other non-licensed drivers.

Taking Drivers Ed helped teach me immensely as I was always nervous driving around with my parents. Another great benefit to Drivers Ed is that it can reduce the price of car insurance for young drivers. If you get pulled over for speeding or any other traffic infraction you can get a reduction of points on your license if you take a Drivers Ed course.

The written test was easier for me than the driving test but after I nailed the parallel parking portion I knew I was well on my way to becoming a brand new licensed driver on the roads of New York.

The Office of Highway Administration reports that there are 228,915,520 licensed drivers in the United States. That is almost 70% of the total population. With that many people on the roads it is even more important that drivers know how to operate their car safely as well as the rules of the road.

According to this graph from the team at alansfactoryoutlet.com the state with the most female licensed drivers is Oklahoma. The state with the most male licensed drivers is Alaska and the state with the most licensed drivers per 1000 residents is New Hampshire. The United States has 869 drivers per 1000 residents overall.

The top ten states ranked by licensed drivers is below:

  1. New Hampshire drivers per capita – 1,051
  2. Delaware drivers per capita – 1,024
  3. Alabama drivers per capita – 1,022
  4. Minnesota drivers per capita – 954
  5. Nebraska drivers per capita – 947
  6. South Dakota drivers per capita – 940
  7. Kansas drivers per capita – 940
  8. Montana drivers per capita – 938
  9. Louisiana drivers per capita – 934
  10. South Carolina drivers per capita – 932
Infographic showing the U.S. States With the Most Drivers

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