Tips to Build a Growth-Focused Content Strategy for Your B2B Company

While blogging is an integral part of content strategy, incorporating other content formats will lead to greater growth. Look to videos, podcasts, infographics, ebooks, and a mix of social media posts, templates, and case studies to diversify your content.

Producing video content is now more affordable and easier than ever before. Most audiences retain more information from videos than text. With podcast listenership on the rise, creating your own or guest hosting on an existing show is a great marketing tool.

Infographics should be short, scannable, and filled with useful data. These graphics should make statistics and data easy to digest. They are also correlated with higher readership.

Ebooks are in high demand and are great lead generators. Repurpose old content to create ebooks, guides, cheat sheets, and more.

You can also use social media to test out various content formats with your audience. Create a consistent posting schedule and analyze your metrics to improve your strategy over time.

Templates are also a great lead generation tool. B2B audiences love templates. Some ideas include how-to worksheets, specialized calendars, and budget planning templates. Lastly, B2B brands should make sure to focus on case studies. They are the most trusted content type among audiences and are great tools for lead generation.

Use this infographic to guide you as you create the perfect content growth strategy.

Content strategy tips for b2b

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