The Ultimate Visual Guide to Cuts of Beef

Let’s talk about beef, it’s still what’s for dinner! Check out this ultimate guide to beef cuts from the team at How To Cook Recipes next time you are at the store for a steak. Different cuts of meat can be more or less tender and depending on which cut you get there are preferred ways of cooking them to get the desired flavor.

This guide shows cooking methods that include the grill, sauté, braise, roast, broil, slow cooker, instant pot, smoking and sous vide. For example, according to this chart if you get a chuck roast which is a tender and flavorful cut of beef from the neck and shoulder of the cow, you should braise it or use a slow cooker. However, if you get a Flat Iron cut from the same area, you should grill, stir fry or sauté it to no more than medium doneness.

Maybe you are in the mood for a Brisket cut which comes from the breast meat of the cow and is usually a fattier and tougher piece of meat. To make it tender it should be cooked low and slow with either a smoker or by the braise method. Maybe you are in the mood for some BBQ ribs. This cut is from the backbone and lower half of the rib section and because they typically have more fat, they are more flavorful and tender. There are many ways to cook ribs but if you have some back ribs, they are a great option for the grill. Ribs can also be smoked, slow cooked or sous vide.

One of the most popular steaks and most expensive is the Filet mignon from the Short Loin Cut of the cow. This cut is very lean but one of the most flavorful. These cuts don’t even need to be seasoned or marinated, they are delicious right off of the grill and not overcooked.

Infographic that explains every cut of steak

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