What is a Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With so many job titles being used today, it’s hard to know who does what. Therefore, it makes sense to start by hiring a fractional chief operating officer (COO) who can help in this area for a fraction of the pay rate. But, what’s the difference between a COO and a fractional COO?

What Is a COO?

A COO is an executive position at the top of a company’s hierarchy.

What Is a COO?

The COO is often the chief decision maker of a company. They are in charge of staff and company operations. But these responsibilities can be overwhelming. That’s where a fractional COO comes in. They are an individual who helps you secure 100% of your company’s attention.

A fractional COO is essentially an outsourced professional who serves as your chief operating officer. They may come in once a week, once a month, or any level of frequency that you need them for strategic planning, process improvement, and other operations-related projects.

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What is a Fractional Chief Operating Officer? (Infographic)

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