Which Animals Have the Best Eyesight?

As animals have developed more complex bodies and behaviors, their eyes have evolved as well. So, have you ever wondered how animals see the world? From the team at Lasik by OCLI Vision comes this new infographic that showcases 90 animals ranked by eyesight and how they compare to humans. As a part of this study, their team took several factors into account, including distance accuracy, field of vision, color and light perception, and vision speed based on flicker fusion frequency.

This fascinating infographic offers a large variety of different species, including birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, fish and other sea creatures, and also insects and invertebrates. This infographic starts with the always fascinating bald eagle, which also ranks as having the best distance vision. According to this study, it was found that eagles are the species with the best eyesight throughout the entire animal kingdom, and are able to both spot and focus on their prey from up to two miles away. It’s also noted that while the eyes of an eagle are about the same size as a human’s, eagles still are pretty light creatures at only about ten pounds.

Dogs are also another type of animal included on this infographic. According to the study, dogs have the ability to distinguish blue from yellow, but not when it comes to red from green, and the belief is that dogs have about a 20/50 vision, which reduces to 20/250 at night. Dogs, however, are known to be great at detecting motion.

Another fascinating creature featured on this infographic from the team at Lasik by OCLI Vision is sharks, who are noted as having the best underwater vision. Per this study, sharks are able to see ten times better underwater than humans are able to, and are able to see approximately 30 to 50 feet in front of them, and have amazing night vision.

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