Which Virtual Reality Games Burn the Most Calories?

By going out for a bike ride, you would burn an estimated 10 to 13 calories per minute, and on an Elliptical, you could burn 4 to 6 calories per minute. However, did you know that by playing video games, you could burn up to 15.32 calories per minute and shed fat even faster?

From the team at VR Space comes this fascinating infographic that features nearly 100 different virtual reality games, listing out the VR games that burn the most calories per minute.

Per this research from VR Space, which has calorie estimates based on a person weighing 60 kg (132 pounds), it was Audioshield Modded as the highest average calorie burner at 10.66 to 11.85 calories burned per minute. With all of these calorie estimates, as the infographic notes, you’ll burn even more calories than the data indicates, if you weigh more than 60 kg (132 pounds).

While Audioshield Modded has the highest average range (10.66 to 11.85 calories burned per minute), it’s second-ranked Thrill of the Fight where you could certainly burn the most calories overall (9.74 to 15.32 per minute). This popular boxing title offers a fun alternative if you’re looking to change up your stale fitness routine.

According to this research, the five VR games that burn the most calories include:

  1. Audioshield Modded (10.66 to 11.85 calories per minute)
  2. Thrill of the Fight (9.74 to 15.32 calories per minute)
  3. PowerBeats VR (7.72 to 8.59 calories per minute)
  4. Knockout League (7.54 to 8.33 calories per minute)
  5. Holopoint (7.46 to 12.69 calories per minute.

Even the last ranked game on this extensive list, Smashbox Arena (1.79 to 2.11 calories per minute) is roughly the same amount of calories as if you went out for a walk.

So, no longer using the poor weather outside as an excuse!

Infographic Visualizing Which Virtual Reality Games Burn the Most Calories?

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