20 Amazing Pancake Facts

Starting your day with pancakes for breakfast might seem glutinous but the options are endless in order to make them a part of a well-rounded meal. Did you know that they can be made with extremely healthy options so they are actually good for you? They can be created to fit into almost any dietary need and can provide us with a filling meal.

Adding ingredients to the mix such as flax seeds, hemp hearts, yogurt, or even protein powder can boost the nutritional value. Whether they are from scratch or from a premade mixture, pancakes are a food that can be recognized worldwide.

This guide from Kulick’s Pancake Recipes (from famous guitarist Bruce Kulick) shows 20 flipping fantastic pancake facts. This delicious food can be traced back to the 5th century in Greece and was even discovered with the remains of a prehistoric Iceman.

In the UK, there is a great love for the pancake and there are several events and even world records that revolve around them. At the start of Lent many people in the UK and in the Commonwealth eat them the day before Ash Wednesday. Churches ring their bells to encourage the people to join in the feast.

The world’s largest pancake that weighed 3 tons was made in Rochdale, England and the tallest stack of pancakes that was 3 feet 4 inches high and made of 213 pancakes was created in Rufford, England. Back in the states there are a few records surrounding pancakes as well.

The record for the fastest marathon run while flipping a pancake and the highest pancake toss of all time is held by the same person. Dominic “Mike” Cuzzecrea set the marathon record back in 1999, flipping a pancake in a frying pan every 1.8 seconds and completing the race in 3 hours, 2 minutes, 27 seconds. In 2010, he achieved his second record by flipping a pancake 31 feet and 1 inch high.

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Infographic visualizing 20 Amazing Pancake Facts

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