A Comprehensive Guide to Military Pins and Ribbons in the U.S.

Every pin and ribbon that can be found on the uniform of a service member tells a story, and serves as a testament to the journey that they’ve embarked on. Across the six different branches of the United States Military, there are more than 100 different pins that can be awarded to servicemen and women, and this new infographic from the research team at Wizard Pins serves as the ultimate guide to U.S. military pins and ribbons and what they mean.

The different pins and ribbons are all very well designed on this infographic, and shown are pins and ribbons across all six different branches of the United States Military, including the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Space Force, and the Air Force. On this infographic, you’ll learn more about the warrant officer pins, the commission officer pins, identification badges, combat badges, skill badges, marksmanship badges, distinctive unit insignia, service ribbons, and much more. Service ribbons are a representation of the medicals that have been awarded to servicemen and women, and this guide details the wide variety of both individual award ribbons and unit citation award ribbons.

Identification badges are also featured on this infographic, and they’re insignia that are worn by service men and women who are tasked with special duties, which if performed successfully, can award these service men and women permanently. They’re either worn on the right or left pocket of their U.S. Military uniform, and the different identification badges include the Commandant Staff Badge (Coast Guard), the Military Police Corrections Badge (Marine Corps), the Command at Sea (Navy), the Commander’s Insignia (Air Force and Space Force), the Master Gunner (Army), and the Presidential Service Badge, which can be awarded to servicemen and women of all branches of the United States Military.

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