10 Ways to Save On Your Heating Bill This Year

Take a look at this handy dandy infographic brought to you by the good people at Trade Radiators that shows 10 ways to save on your heating bill. These recommendations range from small jobs you can tackle yourself, to professionally fitted solutions that will have a huge effect on your bills.

Heating costs rise each and every year, this we can all agree on. As long as you shop around for energy deals you will avoid the notorious and disastrous SVT (Standard Variable Tariff) responsible for so many overcharges.

However, the shock we each get when the bill arrives never gets any easier. It can feel like you’ve been tricked. “I thought I got a good tariff?!” “Did that nice young man from Squidly Energy enter a number incorrectly?” “is my neighbour secretly tapping into my supply?!”

Things you can do to slow your heat loss and save on your heating bill

The answer to all of the above is probably not. The fear of ever increasing bills is not helped by the fact that so many of us are now working from home. The extra time spent in our toasty homes can be costing much more than we had budgeted for.

Although it can be unpleasant to get a large energy bill, it’s important to remember that there are many things you can do to slow your heat loss and lower your bills. There is no time like the present to look for solutions to your heating woes.

Simple Ways to Cut Heating Costs

If the thought of DIY gives you the serious shivers then don’t worry, easy fixes include simply turning down the thermostat. Turning it down by a mere 1 degree can save you over £50 a year and you won’t notice such a slight decrease. Keeping an eye on the settings of your radiators is another sure-fire way to save money. It’s tempting to have your radiators blasting away on high to get a room warm quickly. But did you know that it is actually more efficient, in terms of energy and costs, to have radiators on at lower temperature for longer than high temps for short bursts?

If you are the handy sort then there is, even more, you can do to keep costs down. Adding insulation to attic doors and installing radiator shelves can make a huge difference that is felt almost immediately. Switching to an eco-friendly shower will help you save not just on heating costs but on water costs too.

Some of the most cost-effective options will require calling in the professionals but the potential savings make it well worth the cost. Capping a chimney both inside your home and at the top will put an immediate stop to nasty draughts and prevent all that nice warm air getting sucked out in the outside world. If you want to take insulation even further consider cavity insulation for your walls. Do your research and you might even find Government grants that take the cost down to free or near enough.

So there you have it. Cheaper energy could be easily within your reach. Take a look at the guide and try some of the options for yourself.

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10 Facts to Save On Your Heating Costs This Year

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