22 Resources and Tips for Coming Up With a Business Name

You created a business plan. You perfected your product or service, you even scoped out your competition. The final step is coming up with the perfect business name, and that’s no easy task. Choosing the right name for your business will impact your marketing and branding efforts while selecting the wrong name can result in failing to connect with your customer, and even impact your success. So, where do you start and how can you choose the perfect name for your business?

Here are the key steps to picking the perfect business name:

1. Be original

  • It’s important to have a unique brand name that is both memorable and stands out.

2. Find a name that conveys meaning

  • Having a name that has some meaning to it will help bring value to your brand when you start out. Just make sure it’s positive and related to your business.

3. Secure a domain

  • Once you’ve decided on a name check and see if the web domain is available, and try not to settle on .net, .biz or .org, if that’s the only option available. .com is the most credible, so have a few alternatives business names handy.

4. Solicit feedback

  • Get feedback from people you trust, start by sharing your business name ideas with friends, family and peers, or even create a survey to get feedback from your target audience.

5. Research social media

  • This will be similar to searching for a domain. Search social media to see if your business name is available, check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – just to name a few. You will want your brand to be consistent throughout all platforms and marketing channels.

6. Make it relevant

  • Make sure your business name relates to your product or service. Even if you tie it back in with your branding and marketing efforts an unrelated name may confuse customers as your business grows.

7. Think about your logo

8. Run SEO-based keyword searches

  • This marketing tactic is used to drive traffic to your website, and is so important to your SEO marketing efforts, so don’t skip it!

9. Research trademarks

  • If you are in the United States, use this website, www.USPTO.gov, to see if you can trademark your business name. This way you can secure the name before someone else takes it. The tool will also show you if you can legally use that name or not.

10. Search secretary of state records

  •  If you are located in the United States, and plan to form an LLC or corporation, search your secretary of state’s records to make sure the name you chose isn’t too close to a business name that’s already been registered in your state.

Key things to avoid when naming your business

  • Names that are hard to spell
  • Names that are hard to pronounce
  • Names that restrict growth
  • Names that are too long
  • Settling

Our infographic will help you brainstorm and come up with the perfect name that will make your business stand out. Don’t forget to check if your proposed business name is available.

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