How to Find Out If a Business Name Is Already Registered

Once you embark on the journey of starting a business you will face many challenges from getting funding for your business to creating a marketing strategy that brings in customers. One obstacle that many overlook is coming up with a name for your business. A useful tool to help you strategize ideas is a business name generator, this tool will help you brainstorm unique and memorable names for your new business.

Once you’ve decided on a name, the next step is making sure it’s available to use. With over 20 million businesses in the US there is a chance another business may be operating under your prospective name. This is why it is important to check to ensure that no other business is operating under that name in your state. It is especially important in Utah, Florida, Texas, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Idaho, Oklahoma, Georgia, or Wyoming, where business formation is higher than other states.

To ensure your business name isn’t already registered, consider the following steps:

  1. Quick screening search
  2. Check the fictitious name databases (for DBAs)
  3. Check corporation, LLC and limited partnership name databases
  4. Check unregistered business names (internet search)
  5. Check registered trademarks

Once you’ve finished all your searches, and confirmed that your name is available, you can start the process of forming a legal entity for your business.

This may sound like a lot, but our Infographic will walk you through the process of  checking if your business name is available and go over the next steps to register your business name.

Find Out If a Business Name Is Already Registered

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