How to Use a Business Name Generator

Struggling with coming up with a catchy name for your small business? Choosing the right name for your business can be challenging, but luckily there are tools like business name generators that can help savvy entrepreneurs come up with a name that will make a lasting impression on future customers and clients. But how do you use a business name generator? And, are they even effective? Not only are they effective, but some use artificial intelligence technology to help founders brainstorm a name for their new business.

Here’s how to use a business name generator:

  • Identify keywords, ideas, emotions, or industry-related terms that you would like to incorporate in your business name.
  • Determine the length of your business name – short, medium, long.
  • Determine the type of name – acronym, catchy phrase, etc.

Once you input these details the business name generator will create a list of potential names. Review the list and choose your favorites.

  • Once you’ve selected your favorites, ensure the name you chose is available by checking with your Secretary of State, domains, and social media accounts.
  • Then trademark your business name, register your business entity.
  • Finally get to work on starting your new business!

For more tips and tricks on choosing the best name for your new business take a look at our infographic on how to generate a unique name for your business.

How to Use a Business Name Generator

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