6 Inspiring Dreams That Changed The World, Beautifully Illustrated

Have you ever wished you could change the world? Maybe a good night’s sleep is the answer. Dreams are magical and intriguing but every so often they allow the subconscious to operate at a level that surpasses the constraints of conscious thinking. This can be both illuminating and inspiring if the dreamer wakes with clear memories of their subconscious thoughts. You might be surprised to learn that this has led to some of the world’s greatest scientific discoveries, technology, music, and literature. Dreams that have had such an impact that they’ve changed the world.

One theory about why we dream is that our dreams help the brain to store the important things we’ve learned and eliminated useless information. Dreams can also help us to explore complex thoughts and feelings. These processes may well lead to clear thinking, which could be why dreams can provide enlightening information and thoughts that the conscious brain simply wasn’t capable of. Don’t believe us? Here are some examples that we think will persuade you.

Did you know that Mary Shelly had a nightmare that inspired her to write ‘Frankenstein’? Or that the melody for the famous Beatles song ‘Yesterday’ came to Paul McCartney in a dream? These creative masterpieces simply wouldn’t exist if we didn’t dream.

Advances in science and technology have come about when the brain was allowed the freedom of subconscious thought to explore ideas that seemed beyond the realms of possibility. How did Einstein discover the theory of relativity? By meditating on a dream he had. What about the structure of the atom or of DNA? The answers fell into place during a dreaming state. What about Google, the world’s most powerful search engine? The idea was seeded in a dream.

As you can see, these dreams quite literally changed the world. Learn more about some of the most powerful dreams in history with these beautiful illustrations from The Mill Shop. Dream big, you never know where it could lead!

6 Inspiring Dreams That Changed The World

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