Alcohol Use Disorder: Recovery + You – A Path Forward

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects an estimated 15 million adults in the United States each year. It is characterized by dependency on alcoholic beverages. As a result many of those who suffer report episodes of uncontrollable binge drinking (consuming 6 or more drinks in a single session) routinely.

It is common knowledge that alcohol abuse can have devastating effects on your health. Such as permanent organ damage to liver disease. Kidney disease and a myriad of other detrimental health side effects. AUD is also known to affect a person’s personality and traits.

Persons who suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder also have problems in their relationships with loved ones and family members. Men comprise the majority of AUD sufferers, according to recent research. Estimated at more than 9 million per year in the US. Women are not alone, either. With an estimated 5 million plus suffering from this substance abuse disorder.

On average, around 23 million people in the U.S. will seek some form of treatment for AUD each year. The good news is that there are several treatment methods that work really well for AUD sufferers.

Those who are seeking to become substance free have options ranging from conventional to holistic treatment with a variety of detox models available to them. In fact, emerging treatments now provide more options than ever before for those who are proactively seeking to reduce their dependency on alcohol.

Learn more about AUD, the statistics and methods you can use to defeat it in this informative infographic.

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Alcohol Use Disorder: Recovery + You - A Path Forward

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