Car Winter Checklist: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter is coming: is your car ready?

Check out sparefoots car winter checklist. Winter’s wet and icy roads can pose a great danger to drivers, and those who take their cars out on the road without the proper preparation will be at further risk. In order to help you stay safe out there when the cold weather comes.

SpareFoot has put together the following infographic detailing the steps you should take so that you’re prepared for winter driving.

Step #1: Check you tires

Wet or icy roads are dangerous! Make sure you have adequate tread on your tires and check their pressure. If you live in an area that sees a high amount of snowfall definitely consider snow tires. Snow tires are made of cold-resistant rubber and have deeper treads.

Step #2: Change your oil

Cold temperatures cause oil to thicken, which can prevent it from lubricating your engine, causing damage.

Fill your engine with an oil of lower viscosity. The number before the W represents viscosity, so 5W-30 has a lower viscosity that 10W-40. Check your owner’s manual for the right type.

Step #3: Wax your car

Moisture and road salt are a corrosive combination. It will eventually eat away at your paint. Paint protects your car’s body, once it’s gone the aluminum underneath can become damaged. A good wax job is the best way to protect it from corrosive materials.

Step #4: Wiper blades

Normal wiper blades struggle with snow and ice. Consider switching to winter wiper blades to ensure visibility. Wiper fluid can freeze and will be unable to spray. Switch to a winter wiper fluid that won’t freeze.

Step #5: Belts & hoses

It won’t hurt to take your car in for a tune-up, particularly just before the hard winter months. Make sure your engine’s belts and hoses are in perfect condition. These become more brittle in the cold and a more likely to snap or break.

Step #6: Add antifreeze

The coolant system of your car isn’t there just to keep your engine from overheating. It prevents interior corrosion.

Step #7: Fill your tank

Always keep your tank half full to prevent moisture building up in your gas tank. It will corrode the metal inside and can heavely damage your tank.

Car Winter Checklist: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

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  1. There is some good information here. Winter is not a good time to find out you needed something especially if you get stuck somewhere.


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