What is Light Pollution? (Infographic)

What is Light Pollution? It refers to the various ways in which unnatural light can negatively impact our natural environment.

There are four light pollution components

  • Urban Sky Glow
    The brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas.
  • Light Trespass
    When light falls where it is not intended, wanted or needed.
  • Glare
    Excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort
  • Clutter
    Bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources.

The effect of too much artificial light

Urban glow casts an unnatural light over towns and cities, leading nocturnal animals to become disoriented. Workers exposed to an overabundance of nighttime light. For example, those on night or swing shifts, tend to be exposed to increased risks for sleep disorders and cancer.

Glare and light clutter

Glare and light clutter coming from city lights during sleep can lead to an interruption in the human circadian rhythms. As an illustration, this kind of disruption can have numerous negative consequences, including insomnia and depression.

Light pollution and LED technology

Did you know that using LED panel lights instead of fluorescents can significantly reduce your exposure to harmful light pollution? LED panel lighting can also be used in public settings to mitigate the environmental effects of light pollution.

What is Light Pollution (infographic)

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  1. I stay at the office 45+ hours every weeks and it is filled with flourescent lights! Someone needs to tell someone… Great infographic… very informative(scary) and great design.


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