Coffee Brewing Methods: 5 Coffee Brewing Guides Inspired by Lego

Getting into specialty coffee can seem intimidating at first. There aren’t just a thousand types of roast, there are all the different ways they can be ground.

Not to mention the arguments about pre-ground vs grinding your own beans at home. It’s no wonder so many of us would just pop to a coffee shop where trained professionals can make a perfect cup every time.

Unfortunately, it’s a luxury many of us haven’t been able to experience for some time. Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on good coffee… You just need a bit of know-how and a few gadgets.

We were inspired by the lego manuals of our youth when we designed these coffee brewing methods guide for five of the most common kitchen gadgets with Appliance City. From the traditional French Press to the more space-age looking Aeropress, hopefully, these guides make it a bit easier.

How to Brew Your Favorite Coffee at Home

These handy coffee brewing methods make the process of becoming a coffee aficionado just that little bit easier. It just takes a little bit of time and some exploration of what gadgets work best for you. Personally, I’m a big fan of the classic stovetop and Hario V60.

Of course, knowing how to use the gadgets isn’t all there is to good coffee. You also need to find what flavours suit you best. Do you like a rich full-bodied coffee with caramel undertones? Or perhaps something a bit lighter, floral, and fruity with a hint of citrus? It’ll take some trial and error but once you find that perfect blend, it’ll be worth it.

While some will go for the convenience of a coffee machine, there’s something beautiful about the ritual of making a cup of coffee in a more manual way. There’s something about those extra few minutes during your morning coffee to prepare you for the day.

Coffee Brewing Methods Inspired by Lego Manuals

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