Bathroom Time! How Long Do You Spend In The Bathroom?

Though most of us don’t realize it, we spend a considerable amount of our lives in the bathroom as humans. And there’s no wonder with all the tasks that are done in this room of the house, from showing and shaving to brushing your teeth, applying makeup, and even cleaning the bathroom. There’s no doubt the time spent in the bathroom has further increased due to the invention of cell phones and tablets. So, to put this in perspective, let’s take a look at some interesting statistics involving bathroom time.

What Is The Average Bathroom Time?

The average bathroom time varies between men and women. But it’s estimated that the average person spends 813.3 days in the restroom, which equates to over two years of their life. The time spent is spread among different activities such as showering, drying, shaving, using the toilet, brushing teeth, and cleaning the bathroom. Some of the average times associated with these are different for men and women, but some are universal such as:

Drying Time

Men and women both spend about 30-minutes per week drying themselves. This equals out to 88.2 days total.

Brushing Teeth Time

Women and men spend an average of 824 days of their lives brushing their teeth, which is about 4-minutes per day and 45-minutes per week. So, this brings up an interesting point – how long should you brush your teeth? The good news is that the average person does what’s right because the recommended time is 2-minutes per session.

Cleaning The Bathroom

While cleaning the bathroom is often considered a woman’s task, this is not true. On the average, men and women spend roughly 45-minutes per week cleaning the bathroom. However, it’s fascinating that only 47% of people clean the bathroom weekly.

What Is The Average Time A Man Spends In The Bathroom?

Men tend to spend a substantial amount of time in the bathroom over their entire lives. And for a good reason, there are many things they do in this room, from showering and shaving to using the toilet, brushing their teeth, and styling their hair.

Let’s take a look at statistics for bathroom time for men:

Average Bathroom Time Total

In all, it’s estimated that men spend 855.8 days in the restroom over the course of their lives. This equals out to a whopping two years and 125 days!

Shower Time

The average man spends about 9-minutes per day in the shower, or 185.4 days total.

Shaving Time

Sure, women shave their legs and other areas of their bodies. But did you know that men actually spend more of their lives shaving than women? It’s true! Men spend roughly 20-minutes per week shaving, which equals out to about 58.8 days of their lives.

Using The Facilities

In terms of using the toilet, men spend about 15-minutes per day total using the toilet. Over their lives, this is about 309 days total.

Hair Styling Time

While men don’t spend as much time as women on styling their hair, they still spend large amounts of time in the bathroom for this task. Bathroom Deal found that men spend roughly 3-minutes per day or 61.8 days total on their hair.

Do Women Spend More Time In The Restroom Than Men?

The answer to this question is going to shock you! No, when everything is averaged out, it’s estimated that men actually spend more time in the restroom than women. Where men spend 855.8 days of their lives in the restroom, women only spend 770.8 days in there. However, there are some bathroom activities that women do spend more time on.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Shower Time

Showering is something that women spend more time on throughout their lives than men, though the difference is not that great. Studies have found that the average woman spends about 9.5-minutes in the shower, compared to 9-minutes for a man. This equals out to about 195.7 days for women compared to 185.4 days for men.

Applying Makeup

Can you believe women spend almost an entire year of their lives applying makeup? The average woman spends about 14.5-minutes per day on this task. Over time, this adds up to 298.7 days total.


Sure, some men moisturize, but more commonly, this is a bathroom activity done by women. At any rate, the average person spends about 4-minutes per day, which is 2-minutes twice daily moisturizing their skin. If you add this up, it comes out to 82.4 days total over a lifetime.

Hair Styling

This should come as no surprise, but women tend to spend 15-minutes per day fixing their hair. Over a lifetime, this is 309 days, so between applying makeup and styling their hair, women spend about four years of their lives on just these two tasks!

Average Time In The Shower

Did you know that just over 50% of people spend less than 10-minutes in the shower? However, women tend to love showers, so 55% of women report that they spend over 10-minutes showering. Though these times are not always spent on showers because a large number of women take baths. And bath time commonly takes even longer, with most women saying they spend anywhere from 10 to 30-minutes soaking in the tub.

But how long should you spend in the shower? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you spend 8-minutes in the shower, and they warn that if you spend more than 15, then you should rethink your routine.

What Do People Do In the Bathroom?

While most people use the bathroom for obvious reasons we’ve already discussed, do you know that people also do other things in the restroom? Bathroom Deal found that people also read, sing, get dressed, watch TV, and even talk on the phone in this room. Even more, a survey found that 88% of people admitted to having at least one electronic device in the bathroom!

How do all of these statistics make you feel? It’s sobering knowing we, as humans, spend so much time in our lives in the bathroom. Sure, there are some things that nature requires us to do in a restroom, but after seeing these statistics, we think we’ll change our routine a little bit! What do you think?

Original infographic via in 2015, content updated August 2021.

How Long Do You Spend In The Bathroom?

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  1. So my colleague and I took the time to run their numbers and the results are quite astonishing. Here’s the deal boys and girls.

    Men will spend 953.17 days
    Women will spend 1485.06 days

    These numbers were calculated using the numbers provided in this article…. Even though I don’t exactly agree with time given. All of these numbers look like people in a major rush, in my humble opinion.


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