How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make?

Twitch is an online streaming / viewing platform that was created in 2011. The majority of the content is for online video gaming; however, it can also be used for almost everything else including cooking, Q & A sessions and music.

Twitch has grown exponentially since its infancy and now has more than 30 million active daily users and 9.2 million broadcasters. The amount of money that some Twitch users are making is astronomical. Taking a look at this graphic, Which Twitch Streamers Make the Most Money truly blew my mind.

Twitch Highest Paid Streamers

The highest paid streamer made 17 million dollars from August 2019-October 2021!

These people have no extraordinary set of skills other than being good at playing video games and having an interesting personality. The number of viewers a user has doesn’t necessarily correspond to the amount of money you make.

The content that is streamed only has to entertain the most generous people. You can see on the list that Twitch streamer “Ninja” made the most money but was ranked 46 out of 50 based on the number of followers alone.

The content that is streamed must follow the Twitch guidelines or you can be banned from streaming for inappropriate behavior or language like user “DrDisrespect”. He is listed at number 11 raking in $2,863,780.63 on the platform before he was banned for good in 2020.

How to Make Money On Twitch

Twitch is great because there is something for everyone and you can make good money even if you aren’t the best gamer or the greatest cook. You can be successful if you’re just funny, personable and passionate about what you do. There is a live chat going on while the person is streaming where the viewers can talk to each other and the broadcaster. It becomes a community where you can get to know other humans with common interests. It is a symbiotic relationship.

The broadcasters need to please the viewers to be popular and make money, and the viewers need to be entertained or they will find someone else to watch.

It’s free to join and free to stream, so what are you waiting for? Maybe you could be on this list one day!

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make?

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