How to Master a Virtual Career Fair (+ Land Your Dream Job)

To stand out from the crowd, we put together our top tips and tricks to mastering the art of a virtual career fair.

As the new year has come in full swing, you may have set outstanding goals for yourself. That could have been to start your career. Get an internship, or pivot your career to build your budget and find the perfect position for you. But, you may be wondering what the job search looks like in the times of COVID-19. A.k.a., having to take everything online.

When it comes to virtual career fairs, job interviews, and meetings, you may be looking for additional tips. In an effort to be seen by those you want to work closely with. Like, should you still get dressed to the nines to impress employers through the video screen? Or, how do I stand out in a crowd? Stand out from candidates that have similar or the same experience levels as me?

These are all fair questions, and we lay them out there for you. To help you land your dream job to build up your budget, lifestyle, and pay off debt, there are a few tricks to the trade. Check out our infographic below for our top tips for building the life and career of your dreams.

How to Master a Virtual Career Fair

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