The 50 Worst Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Do you want to make a killer outfit, but you’re not sure what to wear? Check out the 50 worst fashion mistakes men make.

Stylish men are all over the place these days, but it can be difficult to figure out what to wear. While trends come and go, there are some mistakes that are just making you look less stylish than you might’ve thought.

Men’s Fashion Mistakes

Men’s fashion can be a challenge, especially for those that are new to the game. Many fashion mistakes are more about bad taste and poor personal style than anything else. However, there are some fashion mistakes that are making you look less stylish, according to experts.

These mistakes are making you look less fashionable, more sloppy, and even less confident. You might not even realize that you’re making these mistakes, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 50 men’s outfit mistakes that are making you look less stylish, according to experts. These men’s fashion mistakes include: Accessory overload, sunglasses in the club (seriously), Flip-Flops and walking around like George Costanza!

Here’s 50 Fashion Mistakes Men Make While Getting Dressed

  1. Don’t be George Costanza
    Slim down your wallet by carrying only the things you’ll need for that day. You really need to carry all them business cards and numbers for take-out zan? A great pair of chinos can look horrible If you’ve got a bulgy back pocket ruining the silhouette.
  2. Tying Dress Shoes Wrong
    Let’s talk about the reef knot when tying your shoes, make your first knot, then slip the right loop behind the left lace, and then pull the left lace through. The result should be a flat, balanced, horizontal knot. The more you know right?
  3. Drop The Flip-Flops
    Flip-flops anywhere but the beach, pool or college shower, really. Was this ever a good look? Just think about that sound they make when you’re walking around. It’s like the sound a truck makes to warn people it’s about to back up, except this alerts the world that you’re a douche.
  4. Say No To Blow
    Using a blow-dryer. What is this,1985? Pauly D aside, no man should ever touch one of these things. They can dry your hair out too much and there’s a variety of male-specific grooming products available to keep your head in check.
  5. Sport Coats vs. Suit Coats
    The difference between a versatile sportcoat and a proper suit jacket? Color and cut. Casual blazers look great in versatile navy’s or grays. They’ll also give you a lot more motion than you could get from your typical suit jacket.
  6. Color matching: Kicks & Clothes
    Don’t focus too much on matching your sneakers and gear. It makes it look like you’re trying way too hard. Worry about making sure your colors don’t clash.
  7. Bad Idea jeans
    Your sleek hardbottoms or sick new sneakers would look better with a pair of slimmer, straight leg jeans. We’re not saying skinny jeans, but something that doesn’t totally eat up your shoe.
  8. Packed Pockets
    Unsightly bulges on dudes are not a good look. Slim cargo pants are in, but those side pockets are more decorative, not a place to hide your flask.
  9. Extra Long Sleeves
    A shirt cuff should end at the point where your wrist meets your palm and just barely over your watch. A tailor can fix this. Having your hands swallowed by a sleeve makes you look like you’re wearing your dad’s shirt. Not a good look.
  10. Cologne Cloud
    Don’t walk into cologne mist. Spraying on your pulse points to help the scent last longer, and a spritz behind the ears goes a long way with the ladies.
  11. Dryer Abuse
    Overusing the dryer. Things that should never see the inside of a dryer jeans, buttondown shirts, high-quality dress socks, and sweaters. By putting something in the dryer you’re technically slowly destroying a garment. It ain’t worth the risk of losing your favorite COOGI Sweater, son!
  12. Give Your Pants a Break
    Get your pants hemmed. The “break” Is where your pants meet your shoe. Choose a little break at the bottom or no break above the shoe. Crumpled pant legs are never a good look. Save the cuffing for jeans and girls.
  13. Chill on the Laundry
    Washing your clothes too much. Your suits don’t need to go to the dry cleaner every week, and your shirts and pants aren’t automatically dirty after one wear. Too much washing can deteriorate the fabric, so let your nose and eyes be your guide as to whether something is truly ready for the spin cycle.
  14. Accessory Overload
    Keep the jewelry to a minimum and leave multiple rings and stacks of nylon bracelets to the street style set. Go for a maximum of two.
  15. Your Wardrobe on Your Back
    The saying that goes you should put on everything you want to wear and then remove one item. Sometimes you should probably remove more than one. No need to rock a hoodie over a flannel under a vest, under a jacket, with a hat.
  16. Dress Shirts Aren’t Casual Shirts
    You can tell by the length of a shirt if it was meant to be tucked. Is it hitting at the middle of your thighs? Yeah, keep it in your pants.
  17. Learn Your Patterns
    Bad pattern mash-ups. Gingham and window pane do not equal successful style. Pattern matching requires a trained eye for these sorts of things. Don’t just decide to throw on two different patterns willy-nilly. Start simple like with textures. Mix corduroy and denim and then go from there.
  18. Gym Clothes Out in Public
    You sweat: they stink. What more do you need to know really? After a workout it shouldn’t be much of a hassle to at least throw on jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Just think of it as burning more calories. bro.
  19. Ditch The Cufflinks
    Wearing a shirt with cufflinks other than a formal affair. Why so fancy, dog? French cuffs are cool but definitely give off a dressy vibe. When worn without a jacket and in a casual context, it’s more likely to say “I have no idea what I’m doing” rather than “check out my sweet cufflinks!”
  20. Lacing Shoes Extra Tight
    Way to choke your feet. Plus, it looks like your kicks’ tongues are about to pop. Size down, big guy.
  21. Going All The Way
    Lacing your high-tops or boots all the way up is the footwear equivalent of buttoning the top button. Don’t be that guy. Leave an eyelet or two open.
  22. In The Loop
    Missing a belt loop on your pants. Be sure to check after you get strapped to make sure this didn’t happen to you.
  23. Sock With Sandals
    Seriously, where did this come from? We want to know who’s responsible for this so we can personally kick his ass.
  24. Jeans For Your Genes
    Wearing the wrong Jeans for your body type. Not everyone was made for skinny jeans. The male muffin top is something that needs to stop.
  25. Sunglasses in The Club
    At least wearing sunglasses indoors will make it hard to see everyone making fun of you.
  26. Tighten Up
    Wearing loose boxers with slim fitting pants makes It looks like your jeans are throwing up excess fabric. Cop some boxer briefs.
  27. Size Down
    Wearing a belt to compensate for pants that are just too big is not a solution. Just get the waist tailored or buy a now pair.
  28. Sporty Watches + Formal Wear
    Overly sporty watches with more formal gear. That G-Shock is tight but do you need all those tech features at the prom?
  29. Loose Top; Tight Bottoms
    Wearing loose fitting shirts with slimmer pants. Tall tees and skinny jeans will only make you look like a member of “Alvin and The Chipmunks.”
  30. Please Stop The Pop
    Popping your shirt collar. Just no. Don’t do it. Every time you pop your collar, a Guido Angel gets its wings.
  31. Bye Bye, ‘Beaters
    Don’t wear wifebeaters as shirts. If girls don’t walk the streets in bras what makes you think you can?
  32. Shoes Wisely
    Technology’s made performance shoes look really ugly. You think Tiger Woods bagged all those chicks wearing golf cleats with jeans? Get real.
  33. The Wrong Shades
    Nothing kills a cool vibe faster than horrible eyewear on an otherwise dope outfit. Unless you’re training for the X Games, leave those sport shades In the case, homie.
  34. Shirt Pocket Squares
    Handkerchiefs in shirt pockets. What’s that in your pocket, square? Men look their best when it seems like they’re not trying too hard. This looks like you’re trying too hard.
  35. Belt Etiquette
    Ok, we know you like the fact that your belt buckle doubles as a bottle opener. But you’re going to a funeral, not a frat party. Choose a belt carefully.
  36. Stupid Skinny
    Wearing your pants way too tight. Leave the boys some room to breathe, chief. If it’s a struggle to button up your jeans and your fly looks like it’s about to burst at the seams, consider sizing up.
  37. Off The Deep End
    You’re rocking a deep v-neck, and have the nerve to put a blazer on. When’s the magic show dude? A little subtlety goes a long way. Even if you work out like hell, it’s best to leave a little to the imagination.
  38. Keep it Unbuttoned
    Buttoning the bottom button on your blazer. In blazers, there’s a rule that goes from top button (on three-button blazers), middle button, and bottom button. That rule is Sometimes, Always. and Never. Remember this.
  39. Check Yourself
    Look in the mirror before you leave. Nothing’s more embarrassing than having someone tell you that you got toothpaste residue at the corner of your mouth. And you’ve been at work for 4 hours already.
  40. Don’t Get Strapped
    Wearing a holster for your mobile device. People don’t need to see that you’re strapped, dude. Keep it in your pocket, and if your pockets are full, look into getting a nice bag.
  41. Keep It Unbuttoned, PT. 2
    Buttoning all the buttons on your cardigan or vest. Whoa there, Urkel. Leave those last two alone. You don’t wanna look too stuffy.
  42. Change It Up
    Wearing the same shoes everyday is the type of thing that causes kicks to smell. Have a regular rotation and take care of your shoes, and they’ll do the same in return.
  43. Too Many Colors
    You never want to look like a bag of Skittles. Keep things simple with pops of color and balance it out with neutrals. Crazy color blocking will result in cockblocking.
  44. The Bad Cover-Up
    Last night’s pizza party ruin the shirt you planned on wearing today? Yeah, covering it up with a cardigan may hide the stain, but it won’t hide the shame.
  45. The Wrong Coat
    If it’s 72 degrees and sunny. and you’ll end up looking Like an ass In a trench coat. Wear outerwear appropriate for the weather.
  46. Color Matching: Ties & Shirts
    If you’re still doing the monochrome shirt and tie thing, your style icon must be Regis Philbin. That’s your first mistake. Mix things up a bit, we promise it won’t hurt.
  47. A Little Too Groomed
    Has a girl ever come up to you and complimented your perfectly threaded eyebrows? Yeah, we didn’t think so. We’re all for fighting against a unibrow, but don’t go overboard with the tweezers dude.
  48. Keep Your Head in Gear
    Imagine a pinstripe fedora paired with a graphic tee and light jeans. Now imagine yourself In that outfit. Horrible right? Think about the versatility of your headwear.
  49. Loose Pants; Tight Shirt
    You look like your life is a potato sack race, and you stay losing. Also, that tight shirt means I can see your man-nips. Gross.
  50. The Wrong Crew
    Rocking a crew neck T-shirt under your button-down. You know when a girl bends over and you can see her undies, and they’re granny panties? Yeah, that’s what you look like. Opt for a v-neck instead.

Not all of these tips will work across all body types, but we’re sure you’ll be a better-dressed guy after looking at this than if you had never come across it at all. It’s not just clothes that make the man, it’s knowing the rules well, and then choosing which ones you want to break.

It’s a tough world out there, so we might as well look impeccable while surviving in it!

Original infographic via in 2012, content updated january 2022.

50 Mistakes Dudes Make While Getting Dressed

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