Best Scrubs For your Body Shape

If you’re a healthcare worker, then you basically live in scrubs, but this doesn’t mean you have to look dull! Within the last decade, scrubs have come a long way in terms of style and design. They are available in many print designs and color choices, and they maintain comfort and complement curves like never … Read more

Everything you Need to Know about Lab Grown Diamonds

People love diamonds. They’re the perfect symbol of love and commitment. They’re also timeless, and befit even the most savvy of fashionistas. If you want to add a beautiful touch of sparkle and romance to your life, you should consider buying a lab-grown diamond. Synthetic diamonds are environmentally friendly because they do not use any … Read more

Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

In 2001, the University of Beijing discovered how to make textiles from bamboo. Whether this was the discovery of the century is open to discussion, but it is an understatement to say that bamboo clothing is growing in popularity with each coming year. The popularity of bamboo clothing is on the rise as an eco-friendly, … Read more

Skin imperfections: Makeup Can’t Do Everything

Makeup is a powerful tool—it has the ability to make skin imperfections disappear. It minimizes our “problem areas” and create the illusion of beautiful, flawless skin. Despite the power of foundations, powders, and concealers, the reality is that makeup can’t truly cover up all skin imperfections. Whether we like to admit it or not, there … Read more