The Biggest Beauty Turn Offs for Men (Infographic)

What are the biggest turn offs for men? According to men, if we are spending too much time layering on the make up and not paying enough attention to the smaller things, such as our nails, then we are doing something wrong.

This recent study questioned a large group of men about what beauty habits turn then off the most. Along with things such as dark lip liner on pale lips, which is considered outdated. Also featured in their top ten list of turn-offs are lipstick on teeth, visible hair extensions and orange fake tan.

It would seem from the list, that our men prefer a more natural look. Men are rejecting the plastic surgery look. In particular, the heavy makeup look. So, if we are used to plastering on layers of makeup and neglecting our nails, how do we go about fixing it?

Check out the stylist tips in this infographic, which provide suggestions on how to remedy any beauty mistakes you are making, and may even allow you to leave the club arm in arm with the man of your dreams, rather than having to head home alone – again.

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This infographic was provided by following a study carried out on 1091 men during October and November 2013. The results have been ranked according to the number of votes they received.

The Biggest Beauty Turn Offs for Men (Infographic)

9 thoughts on “The Biggest Beauty Turn Offs for Men (Infographic)”

  1. I’m a bit confused. I wonder what the age is of the men interviewed. I am not guilty of any beauty blunder above, but that is a choice I made and some of those mentioned above might have been accidental, rather than a conscious blunder (lipstick stain on teeth, visible hair extensions, etc.). I don’t like those things as well on the list but it won’t necessarily put me off or turn me off in a person completely although I really don’t like the too obvious plastic surgery (that’s one I would agree on). In any case, the rule of thumb is, ‘less is more’ (in a good way). Anything in excess in whatever manner is deemed negative most of the time (but I wouldn’t mind excess money hehe).

  2. Awesome, but some of the “how do we fix it” sections are way off – such as #4 – dying and waxing are *not* always options. Just saying.

  3. Interesting to know the things we do that make men look the other way. Most men I know prefer women who wear make-up in moderation.


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