Children’s Rights Under The Constitution

Often times, children’s Rights are overlooked. However, children have a special place in the constitution that gives them the right to things such as equality, life, human dignity, freedom of religion & opinion, and education.

Endowing children under the age of eighteen with such rights protects them from neglect, abuse, oppression, and from being used in armed conflict.  An entire section (Section 28) is devoted to providing additional rights specifically and solely to children.

Webber Wentzel, a leading South African law firm, believes in making social investments that produce measurable and sustainable results through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programme and Pro Bono Practice. South Africa safeguards social, economic and cultural rights.

The firm has outlined the rights of children under the South African Constitution as part of its CSI Programme. Read and share this to ensure the children in your life are informed of the rights they have.

Webber Wentzel’s Pro Bono legal practice provides free legal services and invests in corporate social responsibility programmes that protect the rights of children.

Children's Rights Under The Constitution

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