Frightening Facts About Nuclear Weapons

Frightening facts about nuclear weapons exist in today’s world. It is scary to think that several countries have nuclear weapons at their disposal that they would not hesitate to use in certain circumstances. As the world is in the atomic age, the famous quote by George Wald comes to mind: “The only use for an atomic bomb is to keep someone else from using one.”

Both atomic and hydrogen bombs are considered nuclear weapons. An atomic bomb is made up of a nucleus of -235 uranium plus 239 neutrons. The makeup destabilizes atoms and uses gamma rays and thermal energy. A hydrogen bomb requires an atom bomb to start its fuse. It is made from deuterium and tritium and relies on extreme heat from an atomic bomb explosion. This type of bomb is made from fused hydrogen isotopes, can create blindness from a distance, relies on light and heat and gives off a huge blast of explosion as well as a soot cloud when detonated. It is powerful enough to knock down large buildings several miles away.

A gravity bomb is one of the types that was utilized during World War II. It was dubbed “Fat Man,” and one of these types of bombs was released over Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. The throw weight missile delivery system has been used by the former Soviet Union, with an example of such a bomb being the SS-18-Satan.

In terms of the major players in the world of nuclear weapons, the United States and Russia top the list. Other countries that complete the list include France with 300 current warheads, China with 250, the United Kingdom with 225, Pakistan with 100 current warheads, India with 100, Israel with 80 and North Korea, which has less than 10 current warheads.

In comparison to past decades, there are now only one third of the nuclear weapons there once were. Yet, scarily, those that do exist now are considerably more powerful and deadly. For instance, if a one megaton bomb were to be dropped on a city in the world that consists of several million residents, it would result in as much as 50 times more victims of severe burns than there are hospital beds in the United States.

With such statistics existing, it is far too great of a risk for the figurative shiny red button to be pressed. Supporting nuclear disarmament is the only solution.

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Frightening Facts About Nuclear Weapons

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  1. Very scary facts indeed! The detonation of just one nuclear weapon would cause a catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude. Abolition is the only solution, a ban on nuclear weapons is what we need.


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