What Type of Football Fan is Your Dad? (Infographic)

What type of football fan is your Dad? Follow our ‘Guide-O-Graphic’ and find out now! Have fun watching football with your dad. Print out our fun checklist and find out what kind of football fan he is.

Types of football fans:

  1. The Executive
    Wears a business suit to matches
    Only sits in the most expensive VIP seats
    Celebrates victories with champers
  2. The Fanatic
    Always the first to get the new strip
    Often hangs out in packs of two or more
    Won’t show up to matches without full kit, wig, claxon, etc.
  3. The Chanter
    Can be heard over the rest of the crowd
    Finds any excuse to break into a footie song
    Can make any sentence work to any tune he wants
  4. The Traditionalist
    Has loyally supported one team all his life
    Starts every sentence with ‘In my day…’
    Always wears a trusty scarf that dates back to 1952
  5. The Glory Supporter
    Changes his team more than he changes his socks
    Proudly brags he’s been a lifelong fan (always denies the past)
    Never buys a full team strip (it’s evidence)
  6. The Know It All
    Never wrong, Conversely, the ref is never right
    DOES understand the offside rule (and constantly explains it)
    Starts every sentence with ‘If that was me…’

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What Type of Football Fan is Your Dad?

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