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High Protein Foods for Muscle Building

Protein Foods for Muscle Building

How protein helps build muscle? Protein is composed of amino acids, which are the building blocks of our muscles as well as our body. Without amino acids, our body cannot build, regenerate, or sustain muscle tissue. So yes, we need protein—we need it every day. Here are some protein-rich foods: 1. Dairy and Eggs – Breakfast classics, as they say: …

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A Brief History Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding has an exciting history that spans over 50 years. This bite-size infographic reviews over the cultural changes that skateboarding has gone through over that time period. via eskateboardreviews.com

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What If the Top Transfers of this Summer Were Cars?

Top Transfers soccer

The Premier League FINALLY returns after the international break and fans will get to see their teams finalised squads in action, following the closure of the transfer window. The team at WhoCanFixMyCar.com is completely obsessed with cars but unfortunately, there is no such thing as a motoring transfer window! That’s why we’ve got in on the fun with our own …

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From Tackles to Shackles – Shocking Crime Statistics of the NFL

Crime Statistics of the NFL

We’re huge football fans at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates and with the NFL season coming up, we wanted to put together an infographic illustrating NFL player crimes from 2000-2016. We’ve found some interesting information such as which position has the highest crime rate, the most committed crime, and that the NFL is the professional sports organization …

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Sports Chiropractic – A Winning Solution For Athletes

Sports Chiropractic

What do the 2012 Summer Olympics, Pan Am Games, New York and Boston Marathons, and the IRONMAN Triathlon all have in common? They all utilized sports chiropractors. At Palmer College of Chiropractic, students get the schooling, experience, and training that they need to begin a successful career in sports chiropractic. Call today for more information! via palmer.edu

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15 Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery

Teach Your Kids Archery

Do you think that your kid needs a bit of healthy physical activity? Higher self-confidence? Stronger discipline? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then archery lessons may be perfect for you. While practicing archery your kid will get to exercise, develop mentally and physically, socialize with diverse group of people, all while having a ton of …

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Famous Basketball Quotes

Nine inspirational, memorable basketball quotes from some of the greatest player and coaches in the history of the league. via ballerquotes.com

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The Evolution Of The Golf Ball

Over the years, the humble golf ball has undergone several improvements and alterations. This infographic discusses the evolution of the golf ball, from the handcrafted Feather Ball, right through to the Haskell Ball and Today’s Standard. With each development, we get closer and closer to the golf balls we know and love today. via northlakesgolfclub.com.au

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10 Ways running beats the gym

It is January and all the excesses of the Christmas season have now come to roost. With the promise of “a new year a new me” we see people hit the gym for January and February. Whilst that is great, it becomes somewhat unsustained in the year. That’s why we have developed the “10 Ways Running Beats The Gym” to …

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All Time Premier League Records

If you are looking for a detailed look at the Premier League then this is the infographic for you. The wonderful team at UT Coin Traders have created this visual representation that showcases some of the most obscure stats since the league began back in 1992. Do you know which manager endured the shortest tenure in charge of a club? …

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Infographic: 2014 FIFA World Cup

Football (soccer) enthusiasts around the world are eagerly waiting for the onset of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil from June 12 to July 13. While anything is possible, all pointers are that Brazil will win this edition. This year’s world cup games are unique in many aspects and this could explain why many people are …

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Infographic: Soccer Player Salary

Have you ever wondered what a soccer player salary is like? Or what position they play? Or how about the kind of car they drive? Find out with this infographic, with the top 100 most valuable soccer players presented. Brought to you by gumtree.co.za

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Infographic: The Hockey War

Canada and the U.S. are known for their rivalry in winter sports, especially hockey. The sport itself is synonymous with conflict. Let’s Take a look at their standings. Who comes out on Top? Brought to you by ruffneckhockey.com

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Gearing Up: A Deep Look at College Football Equipment

Every week in the fall, thousands of football players trot onto the turf at college stadiums across the country. With pride, these players wear uniforms emblazoned with the colors and emblems of their schools. As they watch the action from the stands and on TV, most college football fans undoubtedly give little thought to the players’ uniforms. They understandably care more …

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Sports and Social Media

Now, more than ever, sports fans are using social media to stay connected with news outlets, sports personalities and each other.  To get a better understanding of this phenomenon, our GMR research team took to the virtual stands with a clipboard. The results of this infographic are based on 350 completed surveys among Top 2 Box sports fans (very or …

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Interactive Super Bowl Statistics Infographic

The Vital Stats of All Super Bowl Matches Ever – In One Interactive Graphic The highlight of the NFL year is just around the corner, and with last year’s winners, the Green Bay Packers, out of the running, things are looking very interesting for the big game. Whether you’re an expert or not, our interactive infographic will give you a …

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