How to Make Infographics Go Viral?

We all want our content to go viral, but it is no easy feat to make infographics go viral. There is a lot out there to contend with. Especially in the genre of videos and written content. Which is why some people are choosing to go a more modern, less saturated route with infographics.

How to make infographics go viral

It is actually simpler than you think – with the right tips. Here is your guide to boosting the popularity of your graphic into the land of viral content. Highly shareable, loved by all social media sites, and perfect for specific ones like Pinterest, infographics have become the new ‘it’ thing. Despite this, there aren’t nearly as many floating around the internet as you would think. There are even fewer that have reached viral status. Which leads us to the biggest question most people thinking of making an infographic have: how do I make infographics go viral?

Make quality a priority

This is, hands down, the most important part of making any infographic. While there are not nearly as many competing infographics as you might expect, the ones that exist tend to be very well made. It is the only type of content on the web that can honestly say it has maintained quality over quantity. So you have to compete on that level. Not only do the visuals themselves have to be great, but so does the accuracy and helpfulness of the information, and the format itself. Remember, an infographic is meant to be informative and easy to read. If you need some tips on how to create engaging content, we can suggest an interesting infographic published on our archive a 6 Steps Guide To Create Engaging Content.

Add in a watermark

There should be something that connects the image to your website, no matter where it is shared. Some people choose to connect it instead to their Facebook page or Twitter account, which is fine if your primary marketing is done through social media. The published URL should be somewhere easily viewable, but not enough to get in the way of the content itself.

You don’t want to be too obtrusive. A good way to balance is to provide the link in a small font at the end of the infographic, then announce your website as the presenter of the graphic at the top.

For example, it could be something like “ Presents: How To Make A Good Infographic!” This shows everyone reading who has made the content they are about to see, without coming off as an aggressive plug for your site. Picmarkr is a good free tool for that.

Call in your contacts

It never hurts to ask. I don’t mean spamming all bloggers you can come across. But why not find really active and relevant bloggers and approach them on Twitter, using email or LinkedIn? Affiliate websites, bloggers you personally know or have networked with, you should try all of these for opportunities to host your infographic.

The more popular the site, the better your chances of being seen. You can also turn to popular Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and others you personally know. Some will be happy to share your content, though others might not. It is always worth a shot, just be courteous if they say no.

Utilize social media

Call on influential social users, this goes without saying, and you are probably already planning on using Twitter, Facebook and other common social sites. But you should try and expand elsewhere and use the many others that have gained traction over the last few years. Pinterest is going to be the big one and your best bet for gathering a lot of interest on the social web. Sites like Reddit are also very helpful, and there are subreddits for infographics you can turn to, as well as those dedicated to the subject of your graphic.

You don’t just have to rely on your own social media accounts for spreading your infographic. Recruit influential users to spread it for you. Many of them do this professionally and for very reasonable prices. Power users can be found on every site – so look for some of the top posters and send them a shout.

All of these tips will go a long way towards making your work go viral. They are the ones used by people who have found success in the past again, and again. So try them yourself, and see how quickly your infographic gains popularity.

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    I was not having any clue about making infographs to go Viral! I am so glad that I found this post from you. I am still a newbie when it comes to infographs, I have recently made some infographs but I was looking for sharing platforms and promoting my infogaphs and I found this post.


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