Marketing Strategies: If Sales were Fruit

Marketing strategies are food for the soul. They provide the nutrients needed for a
company to grow and develop.

It’s like that one apple you eat every day. Or perhaps it’s an orange. A banana? How about an avocado?

It depends on what marketers think as apples and oranges might be a bit too boring for them and
avocados may not be good for them, but “marketing strategy” is definitely tasty and very beneficial.

Marketing strategies are essential for survival, success and continued growth of a business in today’s
competitive marketplaces. Like fruits, they are also an integral part of a healthy diet. You might like
them even more than fruits: you can take them every day, they will never go out of fashion and they
won’t cause any harm. There is a relationship between fruits and marketing. Both are unique. Women
buy them and men buy them – in fact, everybody eats them and so do businesses.

Fruit is nutrition. And in the same way, marketing has a vital role to play in strengthening business
and helping you stay fresh in your customers’ minds. It can be accomplished with the help
of a wide range of tools to suit any need and budget, from infographic marketing plans to high-tech
social media opportunities. In this series on infographic outlining specific aspects of online marketing,
Span Global Services will highlight the techniques that could help you stay ahead of your competitors
and secure a steady stream of new business leads for your company.

If Sales were Fruit infographic

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