Myths and Facts about Your Immune System

We are all concerned about our health right now, and for good reason. We know that the novel coronavirus can infect anyone, and even if you are healthy you can suffer dire consequences, including death, from it. Even children are not spared from its effects as we first thought. Everyone is susceptible and everyone can have complications. So we have to try our best not to contract it in the first place, and while we are at it boosting our immune systems isn’t a bad idea, either. But there’s a lot of really bad information out there about your immune system, including the pervasive myth that a huge dose of vitamin-c will stave off infections. That just isn’t true. You have to learn the myths and facts about boosting your immune system.

The short answer about how to boost your immune system is this: be healthy. Make good food choices – eat a balanced diet. Make good choices about physical activity – get plenty of exercise but not too much. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep, and drinking alcohol very sparingly. So basically follow standard health advice and your immune system should work perfectly fine.

We are still at least several months away from getting a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, and people with compromised immune systems are at particular risk until then. That’s why the rest of us need to prevent transmission as much as possible – so that people who don’t have the ability to fight off infections aren’t exposed as often.

Learn more about myths and facts about your immune system below.

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Myths And Facts About Your Immune System

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