Impact of using videos in marketing for businesses

Video content has always been a favorite for both marketers and consumers. Consumers tend to engage more with videos and connect with a brand that used videos in their marketing strategy.

We saw many people blabbing about how superior video content is. It proved to be engaging in our Facebook ads too. So, we decided to ask marketers and consumers, do they like the video content? And how is video content working for them?

The results we got from surveying marketers and consumers from across the US and Canada got us some really valuable insights. With these insights, any business can scale their marketing efforts in a positive direction. Marketers and Consumers both leaned towards video content.

Marketers are very enthusiastic about video content. It helps them to get a positive ROI for their product/service. Thus they can connect with their consumers at a very different level. Many marketers said that their audience responds to videos far better than they respond to image ads.

Looking at the consumer point of view, we can see that consumers love video content. It helps them know a brand’s product or service in-depth. Many consumers said that they want to see more video content from their favorite brands.

Businesses can make wise decisions based on these findings and can produce content that resonates with their audiences along with giving them more business and sales. If you are starting marketing for your product, we would advise you to at least leverage video content at the top of the funnel, because for cold audiences, videos work wonders. More people will engage with your brand and they will be open to seeing more content from your business on their timeline but for that, you will need an effective video from a studio that knows video very well. Also checkout our step-by-step guide to corporate video production for brands.

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Impact of using videos in marketing for businesses

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