Postpartum Recovery – The First 42 Days

Having a baby is a major medical event. However, most new mothers won’t see a doctor about their own postpartum recovery, 42 days after leaving the hospital. This is despite the fact that she’s now managing her own physical and mental recovery. While also learning how to care for a newborn. Learning to breastfeed or pump, and navigating a whole new mix of powerful emotions.

It’s a time of love, joy, anxiety, and–quite often–depression, too.

Postpartum Recovery Scorecard

Aeroflow Breastpumps has surveyed hundreds of new mothers to learn about their journey during their first 42 days postpartum. Respondents represent a wide range of mothers across America, all with a child under 1-year-old.

The results reflected the difference between the expectations and realities around new mothers. Preparedness, access to support and resources, and emotional health. They show a stunning need for improvements in maternal care, education, and support.

This infographic is a scorecard covering some of the most powerful and enlightening responses.

Among them include:

  • 90% of new moms feel that educating mothers about what to expect during the first six weeks postpartum can and should be improved.
  • 3 out of 4 mothers report that they were not given information or guidance regarding any products or medical devices that may have helped with physical recovery.
  • Half of new moms report not feeling prepared in what to expect and how to care for their body during postpartum recovery.
  • 66% report the postpartum period was more difficult than they thought it would be.

1 in 4 report not feeling like they had access to the necessary care to address struggles with caring for themselves and/or their newborn postpartum.

Postpartum Symptoms

Additional insights into postpartum symptoms, mental health, and access to services and care can be found by following through to the link provided. We encourage you to share this information so that we can raise awareness about the need for greater maternity support in America.

Please share your own postpartum journey using the hashtag #First42Days

Postpartum Recovery - The First 42 Days

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