Cat Emergency Kit – How To Make a Cat First Aid Kit

Having thoughts about the terrible outcome in advance may lead to stress and anxiety. But as a pet owner, you have to take care of things and be prepared because variable events can happen. And the more prepared you are, the better your cat will overcome any situation that occurred. So you’d better create a cat emergency kit to be ready when the most surprising things may be needed immediately.

Sometimes the situation is not critical though your cat still may need some help from you. It is much more convenient to keep all things in one place so that you can immediately make the life of your cat more comfortable. This infographic will teach you more about collecting such kits and what can be helpful for your cat.

When reckoning of an emergency, people think about world catastrophes like hurricanes, flash floods, and wildfires. So people choose to buy a blanket, a cat carrier, and a cat collar for the emergency kit. And they are absolutely right! It is more helpful to have all the items mentioned above, so you can take what helps in this or that situation most. Trash bags and paper towels are also necessary.

Food and water are obviously needed, as some situations may happen when you have to get along with your pet with no provision — and even no ability to go to the store or let the cat find food by itself.

How much is enough? Buy at least a 3-5 day supply of both food and water. It is also not the best time to test new products and brands. The food that your cat usually prefers is the best choice so to prevent stomach aches in a stressful position already. Choose products with long expiration dates so they will last fresh for a long time.

The last extra important thing is the medication for any situation. Have a visit to your veterinarian and ask to discuss the list of needed medicaments and other medical supplies. Be precise about problems your cat faces about its health so the vet can advise the best options.

Check our new infographic for more items for your kit!

Cat Emergency Kit - How To Make a Cat First Aid Kit

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