Prostate Massages Are Good For Your Health

Many people are interested yet apprehensive or unsure about the ins and outs of a prostate massage.

Not to worry, all your questions are answered here! Many people are unaware of the amazing benefits of this massage. Therefore we’ve put together an ultimate guide.

The infographic guide illustrates exactly what a prostate is, where to find it and what the health benefits are. It will show you how to produce some of the most mind-blowing orgasms. If this feels all too embarrassing for you, join the 70% of straight men who said they would consider it!

The male g-spot is located in the prostate gland (A walnut sized gland that is part of the male reproductive system) and in tantric philosophy is considered to be the man’s emotional sex centre. The prostate is responsible for the production of sperm and helps carry the sperm.

How to give a mind blowing prostate massage

Time needed: 1 hour

A simple guide on how to give a prostate massage that’s safe, healthy and Fun!

  1. Warm up

    Bathe or shower together, then start with some foreplay or an erotic massage.

  2. Lube up

    Prevent uncomfortable friction and use lots of glube on your fingers or toys.

  3. Get accustomed

    At first the feeling may be similar to needing a pee but relax and it will start to feel pleasurable.

  4. Massage not thrust

    Massage it in a ‘come here’ motion, gently stroking until orgasm. Do not thrust.

  5. Enjoy!

    Prostate massage is a completely safe and healthy experience that both you and a partner can enjoy. It can be even orgasmic! 

Massaging the prostate, also called prostate milking has several health benefits and the sensation can lead to the most pleasurable climax a man can have.

In addition, 80% of women said they would give their partner a prostate massage.

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Prostate Massages Are Good For Your Health

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