What is a Fractional Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

Had you mentioned an outsourced, seasoned, or fractional chief executive officer (CEO) a few years ago, people would have been stumped. Today, these words not only make a lot of sense but also bring value to organizations. But what’s the difference between a CEO and a fractional CEO?

What Is a CEO?

A chief executive officer is an organization’s highest-ranking executive and, basically, a company’s public face.

What Is a Fractional CEO?

Also known as seasoned CEOs, super temps, and freelancers, fractional CEOs can provide the same benefits as CEOs at a fraction of the cost.

Fractional executives, as they are known, are not employed by anyone and offer their services as a consultant. They are typically compensated on a per-hour basis, per project basis, or on a fee-for-service basis.

Fractional executives are often hired by organizations or companies to assist with management development, or to offer support to corporate executives in senior or director-level positions. If you are interested in the management consulting industry, or you are looking to expand your skill set and experience, this is our infographic for you.

What is a Fractional Chief Executive Officer (CEO)? (Infographic)

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