Why Have a Colonoscopy Procedure?

It is the only procedure that provides colon cancer screening, diagnosis, and immediate removal of precancerous polyps. A diagnosis of a precancerous polyp is a necessary step in the treatment plan. A polyp is a growth on the wall of the large intestine or rectum. These growths can become cancerous, which is why they have to be removed quickly.

The procedure is performed by inserting a flexible tube with camera attached through the anus, using no sedation or anesthesia, and takes about an hour. The procedure is safe, with most side effects occurring only in 1-10% of patients.

A colonoscopy procedure is used to diagnose the following conditions:

  1. Family history of Colon Cancer / Polyps
  2. Ulcerative Colitis and Chron’s disease
  3. Pain / Rectal bleeding
  4. Change in Bowel Habits
  5. Chronic Diarrhea

It is the only procedure that allows precancerous polys to be detected and removed immediately, preventing their development into colon cancer.

Colonoscopy: the doctors’ gold standard

A colonoscopy is considered the ‘gold standard’ cancer screening method and is recommended for men and women 50 years of age and up. Granite Peaks Gastroenterology pledged to help increase colorectal cancer screening rates in accordance with the American Cancer Society and the National Colon Cancer Round Table 80% and beyond initiative.

Learn about the benefits of a Colonoscopy Procedure with the Why Have A Colonoscopy infographic.

It can save your life!

Why Have a Colonoscopy Procedure?

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