How to Grow Hemp – Tech For Growing Hemp (Infographic)

Growing hemp is vastly different today than it was a hundred years ago. Learn how to grow hemp with this tech used in hemp farming infographic below.

Hemp farms dotted the landscape of the United States for hundreds of years. But once prohibition took effect these family farms ended hemp production for decades. Now hemp is once again legal across the nation. As a result the means for growing it have transitioned from agrarian to technological.

The uses for hemp have shifted greatly over the decades. Which is one of the reasons for the shift in growing methods. Hemp plants are bioaccumulators. It means they accumulate pollution from soil, water, and air in their growing environment and never release it. That’s fine if you’re just making rope or clothing, but increasingly hemp is being used to produce CBD, and the medical applications for this compound necessitate the greatest purity possible.

That’s why growers are investing in systems that help them to produce the healthiest and most pure plants possible. With the help of tech obviously. Robotics, artificial intelligence, and hydroponics are being used to produce the highest quality plants, and it’s even making the production of cannabis much greener than what can be done by traditional methods.

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Tech for growing hemp cannabis

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