Artificial Intelligence in Business, Are You ready?

Artificial intelligence in business seems like the buzz phrase that everyone is talking about. Enterprise leaders agree that ai is the next frontier in company innovation. However, few have a plan or know how to implement it for their businesses. If this technology is so powerful, how can businesses get on board?

Artificial intelligence has proven powers when it comes to streamlining many businesses through the use of data analysis. In shipping, artificial intelligence can help prevent empty space from being shipped. Because of the volumes of information available on previous shipments.

Artificial Intelligence in Business Logistics

In logistics, artificial intelligence can help shipping companies become more fuel-efficient. Also, efficient on time by analyzing data from previous routes and making modifications. One of the most famous of these came from an analysis of UPS trucks. AI recommended eliminating left turns and ended up saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel costs each year.

AI in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, AI can help reduce or eliminate waste in the production process. As a result it maximizes the production. AI makes predictions about changes in the market to eliminate time spent pivoting to new ideas or products.

Learn more about the need for artificial intelligence in business and how it can be implemented from the infographic below!

It’s 2021, is your business AI-ready?

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