The Yoga Industry a Billion Dollar Business (Infographic) has put together this fascinating infographic about the Yoga industry. A detailed overview of the 4th fastest growing industry in the world! A must-read for every Yogi or entrepreneur!

Yoga is a lifestyle and can be like a form of religion for many people. Yogis are passionate about the subject, telling their friends, sharing yoga information on Social Media and blogging about it.

Yoga, previously known as an ancient spiritual practice among the Indians is now recognized as a worldwide trend. Thus a full-blown industry on a scale never seen before.

The booming yoga industry has enjoyed spending increases by 87% over the last 5 years.

The Billion Dollar Yoga Business

Our Infographic explores the fascinating facts about yoga. The raw data behind this growing form of exercise and meditation, a billion dollar yoga business. Who is partaking in the practice, and the driving forces behind yoga’s popularity.

Everybody has heard about the phenomenon of Yoga. From the streets and temples of Calcutta to the gyms of Los Angeles, people from all demographics and walks of life are laying down their mats and striking their poses. It has become a global craze with countries like Japan seeing a growth rate of over 400% in the past 5 years.

Practitioners are also spending a lot of money in the process, so much so that yoga is now a billion dollar industry. Hence, one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Many other countries follow this trend.

However there’s some irony there. Yoga began as a minimalist practice in Ancient India. At the present time it is a commercialized hobby carried out by soccer moms and CEOs, between their lattés and office meetings.

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The Yoga Industry a Billion Dollar Business (Infographic)

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