10 Most Popular Anime Dakimakura Pillows (Infographic)

Imagine having your favorite anime character on your bed every night. Thrilling, right? Coosfly anime body pillow brings this thrilling new possibility to you. With their remarkable range of Anime dakimakura body pillows, comes an astonishing set of anime-themed pillowcases.

Here are the top ten must-haves.

1. My Hero Academia Pillow
This is the perfect anime body pillow case for anyone with inner desire to be a superhero.

2. Tokyo Ghoul:re Pillowcase
This Tokyo Ghoul:re themes pillowcase contains a high definition print of the king investigator Haise Sasaki that will fit snuggly onto your Anime body pillow.

3. DARLING in the FRANXX Hugging Pillow
The DARLING in the FRANXX anime themes pillowcase is possible best suited for your young ones.

4. Food Wars! The Third Plate Pillow
Love the anime? Love the series? You will love the Food wars anime themed pillowcase tightly fit on your Anime dakimakura pillows.

5. Steins;Gate 0
Having a Steins;Gate 0 themed pillowcase shows you are a true fan of the sequel.

6. One Piece Hugging Pillow
The greatest treasure in owning a set of Anime body pillows covers with the One Piece themed pillowcase set.

7. Persona 5 The Animation
Made from fabric woven with a higher thread count for the super snug texture, this pillowcases will let your dreams take you on journeys unknown.

8. Violet Evergarden
I will run as fast as I can to wherever my customer desires. Imagine if your pillowcases could talk.

9. Comic Girls Pillowcase
Go on, add a set of Anime dakimakura comic girls pillows while you are at it.

10. Devils’ Line
Last but not least, the exquisite fabric soft texture, and high definition print will send a sweet subtle message to your loved ones.

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via: Coosfly.com

10 Most Popular Anime

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