20 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Are you in need of some rainy day activities for kids? Let’s face it, nothing can get kids down quite like being stuck indoors under gloomy skies. And if you’re like most parents, then you’re always looking for new and fun things to do when it’s raining. So, to prevent your kids from getting cabin fever and driving you crazy, it’s always recommended that you have a stash of indoor kids’ activities at your disposal.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 fun rainy day activities for kids. Take some time to go through the ideas, get inspired, and then buy whatever supplies you need so that you’re prepared when the storm clouds appear.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Let’s get right into it – here are the top 20 fun rainy day activities for kids:

#1 Make a cardboard box slide

Do you have stairs in your home? If so, congratulations! You have the perfect setup that will keep your children busy forever, even if the sun is shining outside. And all you need to do is find a large cardboard box like a refrigerator would come in and then split it down one side. You’ll then tape the other side down with Duct tape (leave one side untapped so that they can ride again and again). Voila! Now you have fun indoor slide-time! Just be sure to add plenty of pillows at the bottom, so no one gets hurt.

#2 Create a couch fort

More than likely, you did this as a kid, so now it’s time to teach your kids how it’s done. This is one of the best things to do inside with kids because you can get creative and build any size fort you want. Most people prefer to use couch cushions, old blankets, dining room chairs, and other household items. Have fun teaching your children how to be fort-building masters; just don’t expect to sit on your furniture again!

#3 Pull out the board games

If you’re bored, another great way to spend a rainy day is by playing board games. Between streaming shows and other electronic devices, these once-popular pastimes are often overlooked. So, clear away the dust, and pass the time bonding together over a friendly game.

#4 Make a haunted hallway

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to get spooky. Have some good fun by giving your children art supplies to create scary stuff. Then just allow them to decorate a designated room or hallway in the house. Remember to pretend you’re frightened during the grand tour! You can even let them have Halloween decorations if you’re really feeling this idea.

#5 Draw pictures together

Make a game out of drawing pictures together. This can be done by allowing each person to name something to draw and then see what everyone creates. It’s fun to see how different people interpret ideas.

#6 Play a card game

As kids, most of us didn’t have constant entertainment, and we sure didn’t have tablets or smartphones to keep us busy. So, when we were bored, and it was wet outside, we pulled out a deck of cards and played various games for hours. There’s no better time than while it’s raining outside to teach your kids how to play card games such as Steal the Bundle, Go Fish, War, Slap Jack, and other kid-friendly options. If you run out of ideas or can’t remember how to play, remember that Google is a big help!

#7 Put on a production

Is your child naturally dramatic? Put your little drama queens (or kings!) to work creating a show that they can put on for your and other family members. Perhaps they can act out a favorite episode of Paw Patrol or Doc McStuffins, or come up with their own unique story. Whatever they come up with, though, don’t forget to clap!

#8 Have a paper airplane race

Folding pieces of paper into airplanes is almost a lost art form these days. Help your kids discover this skill, and then race them across the largest room or down the hallway.

#9 Play Bombard the Brother

Or alternatively, Sock the Sister. This game is simple and tons of fun! You take rolled-up pairs of socks and load them into a laundry basket. Then direct your kids into an open area of your home, where the sock balls are gently launched at a specified target who must avoid getting pelted. Take turns being the target for loads of laughs.

#10 Get baking

Nothing beats a rainy day like baking homemade treats. This is why it’s essential to keep a stash of cake boxes and frosting jars at all times. And when you need things to do when it’s raining, head to the kitchen and bake some goodies. When they’re cool, let the kids decorate them for even more fun.

#11 Throw an indoor picnic

And speaking of rainy day snack time, why not turn it into a picnic? Let your kids “invite” their favorite stuffed animals and set up snacks and juice for the whole crew.

#12 Build something together

Use lego sets, building blocks, or whatever you’ve got and build something. Create a city, a zoo, or whatever you can dream up.

#13 Create a scavenger hunt

This is one rainy day activity for kids that you should plan ahead of the rain so that you can simply hand them a list and let them go when the rain begins. This should provide you with plenty of time to get some things done around the house, and they’ll be so proud they found so many items.

#14 Go through old photo albums

Rainy days are a splendid time to show your kids old photos from your childhood, their childhood, or even when their grandparents were small. Telling old stories from days of yore will make time fly and provide your kids with the opportunity to learn things about you and the family.

#15 Make a comic strip

This may be better for older kids, but challenge your child to create a new comic character and draw their own comic strip. It’s always fun to see what young ones can draw up when given a chance.

#16 Have a dress-up party

Little kids love pretending to be someone or even something else. So, let them indulge this wild side by pulling out old Halloween costumes, costume jewelry, and other random items. Then ask them to put on a fashion show.

#17 Create sticker books

What kid doesn’t love stickers? Help them put together sticker books so they can collect their favorite stickers in one place. The bonus is that you can hold it as a keepsake of that time long after your child has outgrown the book.

#18 Knockdown dominoes

One of the most fun, yet time-consuming activities of all time is setting up dominos in rows to knock them down. Show this to your kids just one time, and you’ll likely spend the rest of the day calling them for lunch.

#19 Host a race

Do you have any racetracks? If so, set them up and serve as the announcer for your children’s races. And better yet, you can map out a gigantic track using blocks or masking tape to expand the fun.

#20 Get crafty

One of the most popular rainy day activities for kids is making crafts. Take a look around your home for odds and ends that can be used to create candle holders, picture frames, or anything else you think up. Regardless of what you guys decide to craft, you’ll end up with fantastic one-of-a-kind items that will remind you of the day forever.

How Do I Entertain My Child On A Rainy Day?

Though we’ve only listed our favorite 20 fun rainy day activities for kids, the possibilities are endless. There are lots of things to do in the rain, and they’re not all limited to staying home all day.

If you find yourself wanting to get out of the house for fun on a rainy day, there are lots of things you can do. Here are some ideas:

  • Play in the rain and jump in muddy puddles! Just make sure there’s no lightning in the sky.
  • Fill containers and measure the amount of rain you receive.
  • Go bowling. The kids would love to spend a few hours at the bowling alley trying to knock down pins. And who doesn’t love bowling alley food?
  • See a movie at the local theatre. There’s just something special about seeing a film in theatres. Perhaps it’s the lighting or the big screen, but it just may be the popcorn and candy – either way, kids love the movie theatre.
  • Visit an arcade or skating rink. Introduce your kids to some of your favorite childhood activities and spend a day playing classic games at the arcade. A rainy day is also well-spent roller skating if your kids are old enough.
  • Go to a local museum or science center. If you live in a large city, use a rainy day to teach your children something new at a local museum or science center.

In the end, don’t let a rainy day ruin your fun. Take a look at our list of rainy day activities for kids and choose a couple. You’ll have lots of fun bonding with your child creating lasting memories that you’ll have for a lifetime. 

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20 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

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