The Price of Children’s Sports: A Comparison

Youth sports are a great way for your children to develop healthy habits, increase their confidence, grow their executive functioning skills, and sharpen their cognitive abilities. However, when children play sports, it can definitely hit parents hard in the wallet. From the team at Playground Equipment comes this new infographic that analyzes the average costs … Read more

Pergola Plans & Ideas – Outdoor Living in Style (Infographic)

Creating a comfortable and cool outdoor space can be challenging, especially if you have no shade trees to block the sun. Thankfully a pergola is easy to build and can be lots of fun to decorate. Today we’ll take a look at some unique pergola plans and ideas to help you create a stylish outdoor … Read more

Man Cave Ideas: How to Build the Ultimate Man Cave?

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How to Soundproof a Room (Infographic)

A home should serve as a peaceful and quiet reprieve from the noisy outside world. However, as the world continues to get busier, many find it hard to get away from all the racket. Perhaps you live near a noisy road or have neighbors who want to stay up and party all night. Or maybe … Read more

Could these poisonous plants ruin your summer?

Perhaps this summer most people will be free to walk around and visit their local park or wildlife refuge. Other people who are lucky enough to have a bit of property might delight in watching flowers bloom or vegetables and soft fruits ripen. But since plants know nothing of human viruses or pandemics, the poisonous … Read more

COVID-19 Lockdown: What To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

With the United States accounting for almost a third of the world’s COVID-19 cases. There’s no other choice for government officials but to issue lockdown orders. For most states, people have been stuck at home for at least three weeks now. With no end in sight, it’s becoming more difficult for many Americans to deal … Read more

How To Build Your Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes are growing in popularity as more people want an affordable, sustainable option. Building a shipping container home is an affordable and environmentally friendly option for homeowners who don’t require a lot of space. For instance, you can personalize your container home to match your design style and preferences. Here is a look … Read more

9 House Plan Tips From The Architect

Tips on how to design a functional house. 9 practical house plan tips from the architect. Make sure all rooms face the right direction according to the Sun path, privacy, and best lot views. Keep an open floor plan with a kitchen on the side. Kitchen layout – Create the most efficient kitchen according to … Read more